The new Express Entry system–Making immigration make sense to Employers

Canada’s new Express Entry system makes finding skilled workers easier for employers. Under this system and employer has direct impact on Canada’s immigration system, there is no more confusion and non-working rules guiding Canada’s “employment in demand list”, now employers can have access to skilled workers no matter what profession they are in. This makes Canada’s workforce and immigration much more flexible to regional needs.

If you are an employer and need help bringing a worker to Canada or would like to help a temporary worker you have stay in Canada permanently, Immigration Advice Canada has the experience you need.

Lets take a look at how Express Entry works from an employers point of view.

As you can see an employer has direct access to potential skilled workers through Canada’s Job Bank and Provincial Nominee Programs. If you would like to have help finding a skilled worker through either of these routes, contact Immigration Advice Canada today and we can give you the guidance necessary to ensure you get the most qualified candidate for you organisation.

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